Aaron Bailey, Since 1977


I'm an entrepreneur, both for-profit and non-profit. I like to start and grow organizations and products.


  • Launchpad Partners, a non-profit serving and supporting leaders starting inclusive faith communities.
  • Echothread, a liveblog app for Slack
  • APB Digital, my consulting firm where I help organizations scale their digital operations


  • Church planter and executive pastor, Left Hand Church
  • Investor and CTO in a digital political media company.
  • Founder and president of a digital agency and software startup, sold to a Japanese multinational conglomerate in 2014.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, YouthBiz. Merged organization with another non-profit.
  • Website architect, NBCUniversal.
  • Online Producer, National Review.
  • Graduate of Hillsdale College, Michigan.


Email me at aaron@aaronbailey.com.

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